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assit arm robot for car line
Specialty | Specification | Manual Download | About Buy
Name:assit arm robot for car line Though this product has a long arm, it ensures high stiffness and realized a high precision positioning.Corresponding to photomasks for liquid crystal panels that are becoming larger and larger, this product ensures a stable mask carriage to various processes and inspection devices.
Hope that the price
For raising/lowering the mask
It can carry masks to any position by raising/lowering the mask by a handy switch and holding a handle.
Easy operation
The operating procedures are displayed on the handy monitor in an interactive manner, and it can be operated easily by anyone. It can communicate with other devices and incorporate the mask information into the production line, making the production control very convenient.


High accuracy
The rolling mechanism (Type-R) adopts a digital protractor to read the angle data and level the mask. This mechanism allows to adjust a minor misalignment/error between devices and to contain the mask smoothly.



Applicable Mask Size

X (Horizonntal Size) = 500mm(Min) 1,500mm(Max)
Y (Vertical Size) = 500mm(Min)

Applicable Moving Hight

Lower Edge of the Mask from Ground = 400mm 1,250mm

Handle Grip portion

(1)      Grip
With a 60mm(width size) Pick at Mask Lower Center
With two Picks of 30mm(each width size) at Mask Upper from side to side (pitch 600mm)

(2)     Clamp
3-points clamp type and each independent drive
Control Clamp force

(3)      Driving method of upper Pick
Servomotor plus Clean-Actuator(ball-screw)

(4)     Stroke of upper Pick  1,050mm

(5)      Driving method of lower Pick
Servomotor plus ball-screw

(6)      Stroke of lower Pick  30mm

Tilt portion

(1)      With a Handle ( for attitude control of Handle Grip portion)

(2)     With a dust-protect Hood

(3)     A Switch of Emergency stop

(4)     Tilt stroke = - 19°

(5)     Driving method = ball-screw plus servomotor

(6)     (Option) Equip a monitor with CCD Camera - for confirm of Mask Clamp condition

Arm portion

(1)      Construction : Turning portion → Z axis portion → 1st Arm → 2nd Arm

(2)     Equip a Assist-Cylinder for lift weight to Arm portion plus Handle Grip portion plus Mask

(3)     Turn Stroke = 316°

(4)     Stroke for Z axis = 840mm

(5)     Driving method of Z axis = ball-screw plus servomotor

(6)     With a Disc-Brake


(1)      Driving method = Servomotor

(2)     Detect method of Rolling angle = Use Digital-protract

(3)     Rolling Stroke = ±0.2°

Controller portion

(1)      Basic operation (select of menu) = Touch panel

(2)     Pat-light (with Buzzer)

(3)     Equip a electro-regulator (for Assist)

(4)     (Option) Equip a communication unit


(1)      Power = 3-phase 200V(50.60Hz) 50A D type touch ground

(2)     AIR = 0.6Mpa Stream volume = 100 l/min

(3)     Vacuum = attached vacuum pump to Body

Manual Download
Manual Download
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Specialty | Specification | Manual Download | About Buy
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